The Importance and advantages of email marketing in 2021.

There are so many digital marketing tools and tactics but you may be thinking about what is the importance of email marketing?

Yes! Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool, that comes in high return with your sales. It would be highly profitable in your business. Email marketing campaigns are very easy to execute. Email automatization can help you send you emails 24/7 without your involvement you just need to do the initial setup and everything will be going so smoothly. Yet, most companies making email marketing mistakes over again and again, in this article I will guide you on how can you avoid those mistakes to run your campaign effectively and smoothly.

  • Advantages of Email Marketing: There are so many benefits of email marketing in digital marketing here are some of the following.
  • Cost Effective: Email marketing is the most effective way to engage your targeted audience. If you want to increase your sales through digital marketing so email marketing is the best channel for you.
  • Best Marketing Channel: As compared to other marketing channels email marketing generates better results for your business.
  • High Return: Email marketing conversion rate is 66% and it yields the highest return on your investment (ROI).
  • ROI: On every 1 dollar that you spent on Email marketing, you can earn up to 44$.
  • More Beneficiary: In acquiring new customers it deemed 40 times more beneficiary as compared to social media.
  • Brand Awareness: Email marekting improves brand awareness. It increase recogniton and attract new customers.
  • Engage more customers: By email marketing you can reach engage more mobile customers.
  • Increase traffic on website: Email can increase traffic to your website. That is the plus point it would boost your sales.
  • Reach global Audience: Through email marketing you can reach global audience.
  • Easy to meausre: Most of the email marketing software providers allow you to track open, click-through and conversion rates.
  • Build Reputation: You can share your email content and build your reputation, It may help new customers to become followers your brand.
  • Benchmark Report/ Result Evaluation: Many of email marketing service providers (like provides benchmark report you can compare and evaluate your result through benchmark report.
  • Scalable: Email marketing is scalable, you can send large number of emails to reach large audiences.
  • Easy to Use: Its easy to use or get started, you do not need or require a huge reams in order to be successful. Just compose an email campaign with facinated templates, videos, images and logos.
  • Eviromentally friendly: Email marketing is eviromentally friendly than postal mail.
  • Real Time Marketing: It is real time marketing, you can reach or connect your customers in real time using automated trigger.
  • Email Automation Tool: Email automation is the best tool in email marketing through email automation you can send welcome emails or order confirmation/ pending to your customer if they didn’t place the order due to some reason.
  • Use by many people: A report from a survery 91% of consumers use email. You can reach customers by offering discounts and promo’s.
  • Low cost: One of the biggest advantage of email marketing it is low cost compared to other marketing channels and mainstreams.