IP blacklisting issues, reasons and tips

If you read my previous articles that was about b2b email marketing guide and tips, advantages of email list building and other tips for those who are looking for email marketing tips can get a complete guide on it. OK! Let’s suppose you done everything so nicely and perfectly you have a good email list a top-level email service provider but the actual game starts now! You are ready to send your emails but sudden you get blacklisted and your emails are going in to spam and spam filters blacklisted you what would you do now? All your efforts will go down in drain in case you get blacklisted.

Sending bulk email is effective but when properly executed. Once they mishandled ISP’s will not give you chance to do these mistakes again and they will blacklist you ip, domain, email.

What are the reasons behind email black listings? There are some following reasons behind email/ ip blacklisting:

  1. If anyone’s clicked on the spam button (mentioned in the email applications) the ISP’s may considered your email/ip into spam or the content and contact list you have has bad quality then they list blacklist your ip and domain.
  2. Email list may not be clean or fresh.
  3. ISP’s may find any spammy content (anywhere in email) in words or phrases
  4. You are using the content that is NOT ALLOWED* like dating or fantasy.
  5. ISP’s have some rules and regulations about content and sending emails, the spam filter sites will simply list the company if any of ip or domain sending message or email subject lines has spam words.

Tips to avoid the email blacklist: Blacklisting? too annoying for marketers, there are some reasons for email blacklisting but following these tips you can avoid

  • Remove email addresses that are invalid: You don’t even know but let me tell you almost 37-40% email addresses changed yearly. Do not spoil your email by sending emails to non-existing addresses or that are invalid. People left jobs changed their email addresses or leave companies this mean their contact information is not same as before and changed as well. So do not send email to them this will automatically harm your email list and your ip and domain will be blacklisted.
  • Follows terms and rules: If your subscriber do not want to receive emails from you in future, respect their request in 10 business days by eliminating them form your email list and mark them as (do not mail).
  • Manage hard bounces: Hard bounces occur when email is invalid or domain do not exist or they were incorrectly entered in database. If you are facing a huge number of bounces so you have to update your email list may be your lead  is inactive or remove all the fake or duplicate record. You must ahve to validate your email list atleast in 90 days.
  • Unsubscribes: People will get frustrated if they could not opt-out. They will the messages in spam so it is the best way don’t send them emails if they do not want.
  • Create people friendly content: Sending people friendly content will decrease the chances of email blacklisting. People will take interest in reading the content that of their interest. Always create targeted campaign to your subscriber this will lead to more open rates, click and deliverability.
  • Avoid to send attachments in emails: Try to avoid send attachments in the emails this will make suspicious to ISP’s and they will blacklist your emails and domain. It better to send html link in the email this will help the subscriber visit the direct link and it is safe to use.
  • Use SPF, DKIM and DMARC setup for authentication: Before sending emails marketers have to authenticate their domain and email address to prove the authentication to ISP’s that they are sending legitimate emails and domain is valid.
  • Spam trapper websites: There are so many spams trapper’s website, work for the quality of content some of them are following Baracuda, spamhus, RATS Dyna, 0spam, DNSBL. These are top spam trapper websites that are working for the filtration of content and email addresses, if they find anything spammy they blocklist your website, domain or email address.

Conclusion: If you were thinking about the mistake, after setting up everything fine and cool so you have to work on your content before sending email make sure your content and email list is clean and using fresh Ip’s, your content must be clean and do not contain any “not allowed” content because this is the main reason of your blacklisting maintain your email list remove all the inactive emails